Family Therapy

5 Reasons Family Therapy is Helpful 

1. Communication with family can always be improved. 

2. Therapy provides a safe place for discussing issues that may have never been discussed before. 

3. If you live with your partner or family, they can learn ways to support you during day-to-day trials and tribulations. 

4. You can learn ways to ask your family for what you need and heal broken relationships. 

5. Best of all, your relationships with your family members can improve and you can feel more connected to them. 

Family therapy, including therapy with significant others, is offered, but not required, at Peri Counseling. If you've ever heard from family members that they feel like they have to "walk on eggshells" around you, or if there are frequent disagreements regarding food intake (too much or too little) then one or several sessions with your family member(s) could be beneficial. For teens (18 years and younger) who are not living independently, we recommend that the family comes with the teen to a session once per month. Sessions in the office last an hour and 15 minutes, with 30 minutes reviewing and practicing interpersonal effectiveness skills, and 45 minutes discussing current communication challenges. Technology assisted family therapy is also offered with videoconferencing. Our aim is to create a safe place where you can be honest with your family and friends, and learn how to support each other more effectively. 

"The family is one of nature's masterpieces."

-George Santana