Online Counseling

Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing Technology Assisted Therapy

  1. Have you been going to a therapist for a while but still feel "stuck"?

  2. Are you frustrated because a psychiatrist or other professional recommended Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) or Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT) treatment and there are no local resources?

  3. If treatment is available, are there extremely long waiting lists?

  4. Do you live overseas and don't have easy access to an English-speaking therapist or feel like you need someone immersed in American culture?

  5. Is your time limited and you'd prefer to avoid stressful traffic and other inconveniences?

  6. Are you anxious about who you may see in a public waiting room when going to a therapist's office?

Whether you live on the other side of the state, overseas, or just down the street, online counseling is a great option. Using a HIPAA approved private connection through the patient portal, Peri Counseling is able to engage clients in secure video sessions all over the state of North Carolina and in some foreign countries. Private messaging is utilized to further enhance your learning and healing experience. After the initial 90-minute intake, video sessions last one-hour to one-hour fifteen minutes. During the intake you and the therapist will develop a personalized plan of treatment, including an evaluation for a need for other professionals. Specific goals will be formulated and will be referred to throughout your therapy in order to celebrate progress. Participating in weekly sessions will give you the opportunity to stop unwanted behaviors sooner, but monthly and bi-monthly programs are available. If desired, one thirty minute mid-session check-in, using the HIPAA compliant messaging app, can also be scheduled.

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