Helping Women and Teens Express their Spirit  

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Inspiring Hope 

Feeling stuck and like no one can help you is miserable. Even fleeting moments of feeling like your life is not worth living is inexplicably difficult, but……

Teaching Tools to


Are there times when you feel like you are out of control? Is it hard for you to relax and find the true friendships you desire? Are you unsure what to do in difficult situations? 

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Getting upset about events that haven't even happened or reliving our past over and over in our minds keeps us from being fully present. Mindfulness is the backbone...  

Building Stability 

Everyone's definition of stability is different. In fact, defining what stability is not, is easier than defining what it is. Stability isn't...


Empowering Women and Teens

Whether we are looking at clothing websites when shopping, gazing at magazine pictures when getting a pedicure, or scrolling through our newsfeed, women and teens are bombarded with images of seemingly perfect bodies. Some women begin to believe that they’re not good enough, that somehow the naturally curvaceous female body...